Furry "Hunt"

From Create Your Own Story

(All characters depicted in this work are age 18+. Any descriptions are simply character descriptions, not characteristics of age.) (All furries are deliberately loosely described, leaving their true appearance up to interpretation. If you're more into the subtle type of furries or full on wolf-girls, it's up to you!)

You are a hunter, living deep in the woods. You've made a living as the nearest village's biggest trader of furs and meat, and this has given you a decent life. Lately, you've wanted something more. You're content with your cabin, a beautiful fireplace to sit at as you enjoy TV, because that's pretty much the only modern thing I'm putting in this story. Lately, you've wanted more than money. You want trophies, you want to hunt the most legendary animals and bring home trophies of your victories.

The next day, at the village, you're trading furs when you decide to ask the trader about any rumors hunters have brought up about big or special game. Something legendary, you say. "Hmm...y'know, I have something better. Some lass sold me a map to sell, said the spot was, well, 'legendary'." He hands you the map in exchange for a handful of silver and some gold. You head home, dreams of pelts turned into fur coats or mounted on the mantle fill your head as you think of the map.

At home, you take a look at the map, and realize the "legendary spot" is right behind your house, a spot you dare not venture, as the locals believe those parts of the forest to be inhabited by magical fae. Then again, perhaps that would lead to the "legendary" properties of the wood. You decide the risk is worth the reward, so you grab your gear and head for the woods.

After a few hours, the sun sets over the horizon and you've seen nothing but the usual animals. You come across a gate, stone pillars with an ornate wooden fence gate, guarding nothing. The gate is attached to nothing, no fence, no wall. You could just walk around it.

You're losing light, but something draws you to this gate. It's in the spot marked on the map, it might be where you have to go. Do you:

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