Fun at the feast

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"We should really go to the feast," Catelyn said, her rational side returning, "My husband wants me to be there, to represent our house."

"I understand," Cersei says, kissing Catelyn again, "Besides, who says we can't have some fun there." Smiling, the two ladies got re-dressed. Once they looked proper, and after some more kissing, they left their room and headed for the feast.

The Queen and Lady Paramount emerged together into the Grand Hall of Winterfell arm in arm as they approached the high table. Both ladies settled themselves next to their respective husbands, giving thinly veiled coy smiles. It would be a long night.

As the third course was being brought out, Catelyn could barely contain herself, giving a clearly lustful glance to Cersei. The noblewoman discreetly slipped her hand under the table, hiking up her formal dress and idly tracing the length of her slit as the servants placed a steaming platter of boar before the royalty.

Cersei's eyes were locked with Catelyn as her actions hastened. The Tully slipped a few fingers inside her as she picked at a piece of meat with her other hand. The Lady Paramount was reaching a breaking point as she stuffed an unladylike portion of food in her mouth to stifle her cry of climax.

Does anyone notice?

(CuchulainnHound 77)

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