Fun Times in Oceanview City

From Create Your Own Story

This story was inspired by Oops! You're Naked! It borrows some story elements.

Status: Clothed and walking

"Hey, lady! Watch where you're going!"

A truck driver yells and blares his truck's horn at you while he zooms on by. What a jerk, you think. You live 10 minutes outside the metropolis area of Oceanview City, in the relatively quiet suburbs, but even out here the hubbub of the restless city resonates. You moved in about a month ago, yet you still aren't used to the hectic lifestyle of the city.

Oceanview City is a large city marked by its luxury hotels that overlook several beautiful beaches. Its tourism industry is booming, but the city's most prominent feature is its high female-to-male ratio. 4:1, according to an official study. As such, it is not uncommon for subway trains to be packed with a bunch of women and only one or two guys. You yourself are a lesbian, and getting a job offer here was a dream come true.

You just came back from the spa, where you got a complete body wax. There is not a single strand of hair anywhere on your body from your head down. When you walked around naked in the locker room, you saw all of the women, many of whom were beauties themselves, staring at your waxed body, your large, perky tits, your toned, well-sized butt, your long legs, and your beautiful, long hair. The situation made you proud of yourself. Of course, you don't have a partner yet. But that's something you can change easily.

You enter your house and take off all of your clothes. It's the middle of summer and even wearing a pair of socks is uncomfortable. Your house has no air conditioning, unfortunately. But you've walked around naked many times. You're comfortable with nudity.

Because of the heat, you take a nice, cool shower. It's vacation, and you have the next week off. You're bored. What do you do?

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