From 1700-1950 and everything in between.

From Create Your Own Story

Helllllllllllooooooooo reader / editor / writer, do like history kinda well this collection of characters and eras is the perfect place for you. I just have a few rules,

  • One historical accuracy, now this may change depending on how this collection goes but for now keep it accurate enough like small things don’t matter but say you say: Prussia is a island in the Adriatic, that’s a big thing but small things are unimportant like the length of Bismarck’s helmet spike not a big deal of messed up. (Doesn’t mean you can’t go out of your way to check every detail it only adds to the experience.)
  • Two for any sex things etc don’t write one line and be as dull as possible, The written word is a powerful tool to tell stories and being discriptive but you don’t have to write nine pages like other “choose your own adventure” games.
  • Three grammar doesn’t need to be perfect just readable to average Joe.

Context: you can explore any fantasy with any historical charactor from years 1700-1950, enjoy.

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