Friday evening(SLBCJames)

From Create Your Own Story

It's early Friday evening and you've just packed your son off to stay with his grandparents for the weekend and as it's a holiday weekend and you're not expecting him back until Monday evening you're just opening a bottle of wine when you hear a knock on the door you start towards the front door when you hear the knock again and realize it's coming from the kitchen door you head there and see a figure through the glass panel and as you get closer you see that it's Tyrone.

"What do you want?" You ask him you can't help sounding nervous at his sudden appearance he's stood there bare chested just wearing low slung jeans and trainers.

"I need a favour, so let me in." You shake your head no and he smiles again and pulls a phone out of his back pocket thumbs through it and holds it up for you to see, your face drops as you see a photo of yourself he must have taken the other day as you walked away from him, he nods and smiles.

Do you?

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