Freshman Dream

From Create Your Own Story

You are an average Freshman guy in college. That is, you are very horny. Unlike other freshman, however, you are living the dream.

You're going to Florida College, which just switched from being a coed school to an all girls school. You applied to the school early because you always wanted to live in Florida. You got accepted before the school decided to switch and somehow no one told you that it's an all girls school.

You show up today, find your dorm, and find out that you're the only guy in the entire hall with 200 girls! Your roommate, Jessica, is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, and she's living just a few feet from you in the same room. She's about 5'7" with long brown hair, dark brown eyes, and a perfect body.

"Hi, I'm John," you say as you enter your room.

"Huh? What? What are you doing here?" Jessica replies.

"We're roommates," you say with a smile.


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