Flirt with Keann

From Create Your Own Story

"Yes, and it's a very pressing matter," you say, sitting up in your chair. Keann looks worried as you pause for effect. "I've went almost an entire week without talking to my beautiful secretary."

She laughs, relaxing, "I know your the genius here, Eric, but I'm pretty sure we just had a conversation."

"That's business talk," you say, opening the bottom drawer of your desk, "That doesn't count." From the drawer you pull a bottle of whiskey, and two glasses.

"Oh no sir," Keann laughs, "I can't."

"Why not?" You ask, pouring alcohol into both glasses.

"Because I have more work to do," she points out, "YOUR work I might add."

"One glass won't hurt," you say, "Besides, all the work's done anyway."

"Fine," she says, walking over and taking the glass. In doing so she gives you a great look at her cleavage.

"To amazing views," you say, raising your glass. She rolls her eyes and smiles at your joke, but makes no move to hide herself.

"To my pervert boss," she counters, taking a drink and laughing. You join her, chuckling as you gulp down the whiskey.

You chat for a few more minutes before she returns to her desk. You haven't talked with her in a while, and are glad the two of you are so close. In fact, you wouldn't mind being even closer...

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