Fire in the Skies

From Create Your Own Story

Welcome to Fire in the Skies! I hope you enjoy your stay, and please remember this is still very early 'alpha', to use gaming terms. If this is your first time here, keep reading to learn a bit of the lore; otherwise go ahead and choose your character. Have fun!

Fire in the skies is a story set in the Iss field, an asteroid cluster with its own atmosphere. As a result of the asteroids floating with nothing below them for thousands of miles, the people who live here have developed their own technology based around air travel. The majority of it is similar to the Earth-genre of Steampunk, however with a more almost medieval theme; the people fight with both guns and swords, the cities are relatively basic, and so on.

In this story, you will take on the role of one of four Earthers who, through a variety of circumstances, have arrived in Iss. There is a great darkness plaguing the land, but the four nations that make up this region are all so caught up in their own struggles that they can't focus on fighting it. That's where you come in. Will you unite the nations and lead them to glory? Or will you strike out alone, embarking on a personal crusade against the evils of these lands? Only time will tell...

First, you must pick a hero to take on control of. Who are you?

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