Finish him off(SLBC))

From Create Your Own Story

You want that cum.

You suck him faster, stroking that cock with both hands. Your lips wrapped around the tip. Its rock hard in your mouth. You feel him shutter and he releases his load into your mouth. It hits the back of your throat and cascades over your tongue. It fills up your mouth and you savor the flavor as you suck him. You swallow him down slowly, a little bit at a time enjoying the taste, you keep sucking and stroking. Another blast hits you in the back of your throat. Bigger than the first one, it fills your mouth completely. You gag a little and swirl it in your mouth, using his cum as lube you suck his a little longer. You swallow it all down and kiss the tip of his cock in a gesture of thanks. He pulls his cock through the hole. You stand up and wipe your chin.

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