Find your little black book and see who makes house calls

From Create Your Own Story

You browse the entries, thinking of a quick and nasty release.

You think about Nina. She's got hair so black it can't be real and she's a little odd, but she's great in bed. What more could you want?

You think about Gwen Gwen. She has this tendency to repeat herself when she talks, but on the other hand, you usually get to fuck her twice.

You think about Brenda. She has the biggest tits you've ever seen on a real girl and she enjoys it when you slide your dick in between them. Sometimes she seems to think she's some kind of secret agent, but who cares? She's got huge boobs.

There's lots of other girls in your not-so-little black book, but those are your top three choices. You wonder which one you should call...

Do you:

Health Horny Location:

Your Apartment

MP 0
Level 1
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