Fight for Liberty and Freedom

From Create Your Own Story

Curzon is a little African boy living in a small African village in Ghana. Life is relaxing being that you are 2 years old living with your brother. Your brother is 4 years old. Your father is out hunting with the other men of the village. You are not aware what his father is doing because Curzon is only 2 years old.

Tobias, his older brother is 4 years old. He is a big child that also doesn't understand what the father is doing either. Tobias is not crying because his younger brother, Curzon accidentally hit him hard in the chest while dancing. Their mother comforted him.

She always comforted them through good and bad. Their mother, Binata is a very loving mother that always is there for her children. She has to be because he husband is almost never around to comfort their children together.

While Curzon is busy playing with his bongos, a white man suddenly approaches a different family in the tribe. Everybody in that tribe is very puzzled. They have never seen a man of his color or race. What they do not know is that many white people come to the northern part of Africa to kidnap people. He also has an object on his belt, also unknown to them but looks like a curled rope. It seems scary to Curzon and he decides to go closer to his mother, in fright of this scary object. But Binata is more afraid of the man than the object itself.

Do you choose to start your adventure as:



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