Female Zombie

From Create Your Own Story

Your name was Lilian Neve. You were a senior in high school, just one month past your 18th birthday and one month until graduation. You had a great future ahead of you. But now, you're just a sex-crazed zombie slut, ready to pounce on anyone or anything that you can bang. Since you were only recently turned, you still appear mostly human; you're 5'5'", have nice, firm C Cup breasts, and curves in all the right places. Your long hair falls to your shoulders, currently tied in a ponytail. The main giveaways that you're undead are the large, still fresh bite mark on your inner thigh from the guy who turned you, and the fact that your skin is pale and has a slight blue tint. But, that's easy to hide, at least while you're still conscious enough to try and hide it.

Where are you?

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