Fantasy Roleplaying

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You're a gamer. More specifically, you're fantasy gamer. But not just any fantasy games - true, hardcore roleplaying ones. You're not interested in generic action games, you want to influence every aspect of your character to get the perfect roleplaying experience. And so, as you sit in your room, one hand on your mouse and the other holding a cup of freshly poured coffee, you prepare to create your new character. You look at the time and see that it's 1 a.m., probably too late to be starting a new game, but you can't help it - your desire for fantasy roleplaying is too great.

But as you begin scrolling through the many character creation options, you hear something strange from outside your bedroom - a loud but slightly muffled whooshing sound, sort of like the sound waves in the ocean make. You turn around in your desk chair, but since your bedroom door is closed you can't see what's going on outside your room. You put down your coffee, get up from your desk and approach your bedroom door. Slowly, cautiously, you turn the door handle and pull open the door, only to see...

Nothing. The outside of your bedroom is exactly the same as it normally is. Nothing is changed or out of the ordinary. Confused, you take a couple of steps into the hallway. And then, as soon as you blink, everything changes. The hallway is gone, and you're no longer in your house at all. You blink several times and raise a hand to shield your eyes from the blinding sun. You're now outside, standing on the grass on the side of a flattened dirt road. The breeze is refreshingly cool, and in the distance you can see lush green trees swaying as the wind passes through them. Birds chirp nearby and you see a rabbit dart across the road into some bushes.

You've obviously entered a different world. You assume, due to your clear affinity for fantasy roleplaying games, that it's a fantasy world - the bog-standard European medieval-inspired variant. But you feel within you that you have yet to do something. This is a fantasy world, after all, and that means you have to choose your class and background. You're not quite sure how you reached this odd conclusion, but it seems right.

Choose wisely, for it will affect your adventure heavily.

You choose to be:

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