Fantasy RPG Plot Hooks

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10 Fantasy RPG Plot Hooks

Here is a collection of fantasy RPG plot hooks for use in your tabletop role-playing games. They're usable in a variety of game systems, such as Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder, Fate or Basic Fantasy RPG among many others. If you'd like to offer advice or suggestions for adapting an entry to a specific system, or to relate your own experience using one of these, please use the accompanying discussion page. These are suitable for starting an adventure or you can adapt them for inclusion in your currently running campaign. You may need to adjust the setting or details of an entry to better suit your gaming group or campaign. These aren't intended to be complete adventures so some experience with running a tabletop adventure is necessary to get the most use out of these.

AllIndex of plot hooks sorted alphabetically.
Dungeon These adventures are set in caves, dungeons, sewers or the like.
Urban These start or take place in or around towns and cities.
Wilderness For questing through forests, deserts, mountains or fields.
Low-Magic Whether magic is rare to non-existent or around every corner these magic independent adventure hooks can be added to your world.
High-Magic We need a presumption of magic being relatively common in the world for these to be useful.

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