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To Editors: Nothing gay, lesbian is acceptable. Keep the continuity, and maintain the theme of the area the story is taking place in. For the Wyrmtail mountains and anything to the far north, Nordic. For the Free Cities, I'd suggest an Ancient Greek theme. For the Drek'thar Desert, I'd suggest Middle Eastern for the Drek'thar, and Ancient Egyptian for the Tsaesci. The Island States should have a Medieval England theme, while the Jade Empire in the east should be a mix of Japanese and Chinese. Yes, this isn't the most original fantasy world, but hopefully you will be able to keep to a theme. Also, the reader cannot use magic. It can still be in, but you cannot cast spells. And no orcs, or elves, or dwarves, or any other races whatsoever.

Welcome to the fantasy world of Midgard, a place of contrasts, from the frozen Wyrmtail mountains to the blistering Drek'thar sands. But before we go on, where are you from?

A male Northerner from the Wyrmtail Mountains, of Clan Alfheim. You are a captain of a raiding ship, and have just returned from a long voyage raiding the Island States, to find that your father, Chief Snorri, has been murdered during an attack by the Jade Empire.

A female Northerner from the Wyrmtail Mountains, of Clan Alfheim. You are a Maiden of the Spear, one of the Northern Warrior Women, and have recently been kidnapped by the Jade Empire in an attack on your village.

A male Scribe from the Free Cities, you devote your life to the study and acquisition of knowledge. Recently, however, your people have been invaded by the Jade Empire, and your inventions have been called in to help with the war effort.

A female politician from the Free Cities, you have devoted your life to holding peace - but when the Jade Empire attacks, you are placed in charge of the war effort.

More to be added when the first four are complete.

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