Family Vibe

From Create Your Own Story

There wasn't much to say about you.

You liked games. You liked movies. You loved girls. They didn't seem to share the feeling, which is why you've lived the past nineteen years of your life devoid of female contact, a fact your older sister Beth loves to tease you for. Still, it could be worse. You could be a perverted guy who uses his sister's clothing to get off.

Wait a minute.

This is stupid

You think, even as you continue to make your way into your sister's bedroom. Treading lightly, you look around.

No one here

You sigh in relief at the empty bedroom. Last thing you needed right now was to be caught. Dad would kill you if he found you perving on his precious girls. With no one in sight, you were filled with a strange confidence, one that stemmed from your perverted desire.

Should be in this drawer

Walking across the room, you stood before your destination: a wooden chest of drawers. If this was a game, this would be the part where the hero opens the chest and finds a legendary weapon, bathed in white light. While there was no light show as you opened the drawer, the item you pulled out of it could certainly be called legendary. After all, these were your sister's panties. Enjoying the look of your prize, you brought it closer to your face, ready to take a big sniff of your victory.

And thats when she happened.

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