Family Romance

From Create Your Own Story

Note: This is my first try.

You are Johnny, an 18 year old who used to live with your father. Your father and mother are separated. Your father died and you came to live with your mother. Your mother, Hannah West, and her family are rich. She is a 36 year old writer who writes romance novels. Her perky boobs are medium sized and her skin is milky white. She has beautiful hair that enhances her sexy slim body. She has a cute face . She mostly stays in the house because of her profession. You share a mansion with your mother, grandmother, and aunt. But both your grandma and aunt rarely stays home because of their jobs and school.

Your grandmother, Grace, is a 50 year old doctor who owns a hospital. Despite her age, looks like she just turned 40. Being a doctor, she takes care of her body very much. Her skin is creamy white that can be mistaken as a baby's. Her boobs are more amazing than your mother's. She mostly stays in her condominium near her hospital.

Your aunt Kate is 18 years old. Your mother got pregnant with you almost at the same time with your grandmother but with a different father, thus your mother and aunt are half sisters. You are actually 10 months older than her. She has that Victoria Secret model like body. She stays in her dorm in school would come home this summer in a few days. You met her once and she said she likes you.

The first day you arrive at your new house, your mother greeted you warmly. She is wearing a short cotton shorts and a tank top. She probably wore these kinds of clothing around the house since she usually is alone in here. Seeing that, you get an instant hard on. She approached you with a smile and you:

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