Family Possession

From Create Your Own Story

Hundreds of angels crowed the Great Hall; all of them listening to Gabriel lay out the charges and prove the guilt of a creature responsible for the most terrible acts imaginable. It was agreed and all found the demon guilty, now all that remained was to separate the demon from the heavenly body he was possessing. Everyone took their seats and finally Gabriel did as well, adjusting his wings slightly to sit back in the large chair as the hall became so quiet one could hear the heartbeat of a humming bird. The Hall was massive, adorned with 50 foot tall white ivory columns, trimmed in gold and silver. The vaulted ceiling showed a depiction of Eden and to the side was a window, without form or shape, a gateway to see anywhere on Earth, at anytime.

With a sorrowful hand, Gabriel waved towards two lesser angels and they opened the large double doors allowing the entrance of a tormented soul. A shaft of light penetrated the room as a female angel was brought in, spitting and cursing in a dead language; she thrashed about in the energy binds that had no problem containing her. Her clothing had been ripped off and she was now naked in front of the hundred or so pairs of eyes, her large breasts bounced as she fought as a man with no wings, a priest holding a holy rod approached the tormented angel. He looked over to Gabriel who nodded, then pressed the glass orb at the end of the rod to the chest of the angel. It started glowing bright blue and the angel shrieked in pain as her head shot straight up and beams of red light shot up from her eyes and mouth. Wind blew through the building as some even had trouble staying in their seats as the red beams had slowly turned to pure white as the evil entity was being pulled into the orb.

Finally, with a final grunt the priest yanked back the rod, the orb at the end now flaming red and the angel dropped to her knees and was immediately released from her bounds. Several maidens ran to her aid, nursing her wings and clothing her shivering body.

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