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Your family consists of:

Your name is John Williams. You are 45 years old and stand at 6’ tall. You have a muscular build. You have short blond hair and blue eyes. You have an 8” dick with a massive girth.

Your wife is Lori Williams. She is 43 years old and stands at 5’ 10” tall. She has a slender build with little fat. She has long red hair and green eyes. She has C cup tits.

Your daughter is Lucy Williams. She is 18 years old and stands at 5’ 7” tall. She has a slender build with an athletic body. She has short blond hair and green eyes. She has B cup tits.

Your son is Jack Williams. He is 16 years old and stands at 5’ 8” tall. He has a muscular build. He has short red hair and blue eyes. He has a 6” dick with regular girth.

Your daughter is Janet Williams. She is 14 years old and stands at 5’ 4” tall. She has a slender build. She has long blond hair and blue eyes. She has B cup tits.

Your identical twins are Joseph and Samantha Williams. They are 12 years old and stand at 5’2” tall. Both have slender builds. Both have red hair and green eyes. Samantha keeps hers long, Joseph keeps his short. Joseph has a 4” dick with narrow girth. Samantha has A cup tits.

You are sitting at the bar with your brother-in-law, Luke Smith. He used to have the same problems you are having, but has somehow gotten him out of the mountain of debt that you are facing. You have always wondered how he did it, but never got up the nerve to ask. It would seem like you are complaining about your lot in life if you brought anything up.

Luke has bought you several rounds and you are feeling the effects. You are not quite drunk, but definitely have a good buzz going. He is cracking some joke, but you don’t hear enough of it to laugh at the punch line.

Luke looks at you with sincerity as he says, “Let me guess, John. You still have all that debt hanging over your head.”

You nod and say, “I don’t know what the hell I’m going to do, Luke. I’m going to lose everything. I know you were up to your neck, just like me. What the hell did you do to get out of it?”

He shakes his head and says, “You don’t really want to know. My family had to make some hard choices to get free of debt.”

You look at him angrily and say, “Don’t tell me that shit. One minute you’re buried in shit, the next you are paying for my drinks. You are always flush with cash. What the hell are you doing to make that kind of money?”

He is quiet for a moment and then says in a quiet voice, “My family has been making special movies.”

You have no idea what that means. You say, “How the hell does making movies pay off the debt. This isn’t Hollywood, Luke.”

He keeps his voice low as he says, “When I say special movies, I mean of the sexual kind.”

You say, “You and your wife are making porn. How the hell does that pay anything?”

Luke remains silent for a moment and then says, “Remember, I said my family.” He leans in to whisper to ensure no one can hear him except for you. “We are making incest porn for people.”

You are about to answer loudly, but he grabs your head and places his ear to your mouth. You whisper, “Incest. That’s like brother-sister shit, right?”

He nods and whispers, “Brother-sister, dad-daughter, mom-son, mom-daughter. That is exactly what I am talking about."


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