Family Love

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Mom: Kenzie Jones. 40 yrs old. Stay at home mom. Very fit. Brown hair and bluest of the blue eyes. Stands at 5 foot 10 and weighs about 125lbs. Has tits at about 36 B, not too big but perfectly proportionate to her body. Has an ass that will knock you out of this world. Comes from a very close loving family so she does anything she can for her kids (Scott and Mary) no matter what the situation is. Frequently invites her mother (Barbra Miller) over as well as her sister who is single due to her career as a climbing porn star (Kim Miller).

Dad: Kyle Jones. 46 yrs old. Brown hair green eyes. Architect who makes around 140,000 dollars a year. Very loyal to his wife. Loving and caring father. Raised by his mother (Susan Jones 66 yrs old) and his older sister (Lexy Jones 53 yrs old). His family was very close and like his wife invites his sister and mother over frequently. Stands at about 6 foot 6, weighs about 185lbs, and is very muscular and in shape. His looks attract every female. His cock is roughly 7 and a half inches and has perfect thickness that satisfies any woman.

Sister/Daughter: Mary Jones. 18 yrs old. Very smart and pretty shy. Senior in high-school and single. She is not a virgin but not a slut either, just to shy to be the typical kid that has sex frequently and/or has a boyfriend. She plays field hockey and volleyball which helps give her the same out of the world ass her mom has. She has brown hair and her mothers beautiful blue eyes. She stands at 5 foot 11 a little taller than her mom, weighs around 130lbs, and has a little bigger of tits as well at 36 C. She as well as her brother got the best attributes from both parents.

Son/Brother/You: Scott Jones. 21 yrs old. Brown hair and like his mom and sister, blue eyes. Smart but lazy. Senior in college. Has had many sexual encounters/conquests. Loves his family very much. Comes home from college frequently. Very popular and plays basketball for his college (got a full ride for it) and club ice hockey. Very muscular like his father and his looks drop any females panties. He is a ladies man but is very genuine, loyal, charismatic, and respectful. Single by choice. Stands at 6 foot 3 and weighs 170lbs. His cock is a tad bit bigger than his dads at all but 8 inches long and a little thicker.

This story starts off on a Saturday morning. Everyone is home including you (Scott) since youre home for a month for break

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