Family Haunting

From Create Your Own Story

You have been a ghost for longer than you can remember, and have had the misfortune of having to haunt the same house for what seams like and eternity. Being a ghost is considerably better than the alternative, which is being cast into the pit of hell. The idea of being tortured for eternity is not something you consider to be any kind of improvement over your current status, but there are times where you are tempted to just let it all end.

As a ghost, your only job is to remove inhibitions from anyone that moves into the house. You are very limited in what you can and cannot do. You must start by entering the mind of the person right as they enter their dream state in order to find that deeply hidden desire, which you can use to alter their mind and lower their inhibition. The next step is to slowly cause the person to loosen his or her sexual inhibitions by making suggestions. The lower their inhibition becomes means that you can suggest things they never would have done prior. Once that person is ready, you simply move on to the next person to repeat the process until everyone loses their inhibitions. Once you leave a person their inhibitions remain in the state you left them, but they maintain their free will. You are unable to return once you leave a host.

There are a lot of things you cannot do, which makes your job difficult. You cannot move objects, which would make the job a lot more fun. You cannot possess people to get them to do what you want, which would make your job considerably easier. The only thing you can do is make suggestions and hope they follow. If you are unable to alter their mind in their dream state, or the person refuses your suggestion, you will be forced out. Being forced out means failure and failure means eternal torment.

You have no idea where the rules came from, and you stopped caring about finding that source a long time ago. During your time at the house you have successfully done your job to a whole host of men, women and children. The house has some kind of curse on it that you don't understand, which means that only families move in. You may have felt some degree of guilt early on when your job caused incestuous actions of a deeply sexual nature between family member, but that has not been the case in a very long time. All that matters to you anymore is doing your job in order to prevent the consequence of failure.

A new family has just moved into your house, which means you must once again start the tiresome old game.

The family consists of:

John Smith is the husband and father of the family. He has short blond hair and blue eyes. He is 35 years old and stands at 6' tall. He is slightly overweight. His dick is 8" long and has a massive girth.

Susan Smith is the wife and mother of the family. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She is 34 years old and stands at 5'10" tall. She is in good shape, but just starting to sag. She has C cup tits.

Jill Smith is the only daughter of John and Susan. She has long brown hair and blue eyes. She is 15 years old and stands at 5'6" tall. She has an athletic body with a tight ass. She has A cup tits.

Tom Smith is the only son of John and Susan. He has short brown hair and brown eyes. He is 13 years old and stands at 5"3" tall. He has an athletic body. His dick is 5" long and has regular girth.

You know from experience the easiest person to target is Tom. It is no secret that 13 year old boys already want to screw anything that moves, and they have not learned how to bury their secrets particularly deep. Then you will move on to Jill for similar reasons as Tom. At 15, she is still learning how to bury her secrets, which makes them easier to find. Then you will move on to John. He has had plenty of time to bury any hidden desires deep in his subconscious, but a man never buries those things as deep as they believe. The last one will be the most difficult. Susan will have buried those desires a lot deeper than anyone else. She will also have them disguised as something innocuous to ensure those desires remain hidden.


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