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This will be a home for all you incest lovers. It will, I hope, become home to stories of every type of incest that you could imagine and want, and if its not here when you read this, I hope you'll add it. The main pages will be those leading to sub-categories of types of incest for each kind you are interested in. Each story will still be a full length Choose Your Own Story, but there will be multiple here. I ask those that are so inclined and good at writing to help me finish stories I start and add to those that lack, or write entirely new ones. If you'd like ot add a whole story, please do so in the proper section and leave any notes about the story on the first page, i.e., if you want it private. Thank you, and get to having fun!

Side note to writers and readers I will most likely add a "Characters" page at the bottom of this page. There characters will be those that can be used in any story, and will save the time of having to write a new character each time. I will try to cover various ages/body types/personalities, but they will also all be characters I will use, so I won't add any I don't need. Feel free to add there, just follow the correct format, and thank you! -Clara

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