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Author's Note:

Hey guys, this story will take place in the world of Fallout 4, obviously. There are some changes to the story, as to make it sexier, combined with the fact that I have not fully beat it yet. Anyways, just a few game mechanics to learn about real quick.

First, and most importantly, are Trigger Words. This site does not have a memory system, so it has no way of knowing what choices you've made before that page, and it would take forever to create hundreds of pages of the same storyline tweaked based on what you've already done. So, to conquer that, there is multiple things I use. First, if you redo a quest, then nothing will change. Just learn. More useful, however, are trigger words. These words are things given to you through the story. For example, completing a quest for Piper may earn you the PiperFriend Trigger Word. In which case it would say "You have obtained the PiperFriend Trigger Word" So then you just remember that. Later, if you talk to Piper, one choice may have the Trigger Word in it like so:

"Piper, I was wondering if you'd like to go on a date with me [PiperFriend]"

Now, nothing would prevent you from clicking that if you hadn't gotten that quest, but where's the fun in that?

Secondly, traits. In the beginning you'll choose a few traits, which will work same as Trigger Words

Thirdly, Hubs. Since it is hard, as said before, to create memories, most quest will come from the same place, which are called Hubs.Ideally, most quests will start at a Hub and end there, or at another Hub. You'll start with one Hub, but you can discover more through venturing. To travel between Hubs, instead of doing the same walk repeatedly, there will be a Hubs section at the bottom of each page. Clicking on this link will bring up ALL Hubs in the story. Once again, you may travel to any Hub, discovered or not, but where's the fun in that? Hubs will be added as I write, which is hopefully frequently

I would LOVE to get suggestions from you in the discussion page, or even just support. If I see people are staying updated. then I'll work harder.

I get some storylines based off of ideas from Grine on Nexus Mods and pictures from Shadman on Shadbase.

Now, let the games begin. And may the odds be ever in the favor of whoever want to fuck you.



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