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This is the world of Fallout, the game series. Except with sex. This game does not take place in any of the actual games, but in a world new to this story. The story is the same as the Fallout series, but a few changes to other smaller parts. The most important factor in this story is trust. Trust in you. In the beginning of some stories you will choose attributes. Since you cannot store memory in the story, you will just remember your choice, either mentally or on a paper. Likewise, certain actions will give you 'memories' or traits. Let's run through examples.

What's your best attribute? Choose one and remember it.



Nothing really


Do you...

[Strength] Punch his face off!

[Intellect] Negotiate.

[Nothing really] Get shot because you suck.

An example for gaining a memory...

You find a book on martial arts and read it. Gained-"Karate".

Got it? Good. Nothing will prevent you from choosing a trait you don't possess, but that's not fun, so play right. Good luck

Do you begin...



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