Fallout:The Wastes

From Create Your Own Story

The Wastes. Miles and miles of tainted lands through out what was once the common wealth of America, now nothing more than a series of radiation fields, mutants, raiders and what else lurks in the shadows. A world that was once beautiful now nothing more than death around every corner,and those that are willing to take from others no matter the cost.

You were born on the outside, in the wide open skies of what was once the home stead of northern America. Raised by raiders, hopped up on drugs and killing by the time you were eight, years later you find yourself on your own after a encounter with the Brotherhood of Steel.

Strapped to your back is a .308 hunting rifle with a long scope. Though you carry few bullets, your aim is more than enough to make each shot a hit. Holstered at your side is a 10mm pistol and a old combat knife you found in a skull. All in all, you are a raider in appearance and mannerisms. Already you can feel the psycho draining from your veins and without another one you'll soon go into withdraw.

Off to the east you know there is a small settlement with caverns that come and go every so often, would be a good place to get some easy loot. Northward you spotted a the light of a fire glowing the night before but sleep took you over before there was a chance to explore further.

Do you:

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