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Welcome Vault Dweller to Fallout Create Your Own Adventure - Chapter One! (work in progress)

Please explore the various paths and provide input on the discussions tab. I would appreciate it if nobody made any edits to the story itself. There are minor things I will mention in the discussion tab, that you may choose to address if you want to help. Enjoy!

Much of the inspiration for this story-arch comes from the Fallout video game series. However, the themes and characters will be quite different. You do not need to be familiar with the Fallout universe to enjoy this game.

Basically, in this chapter you live in an underground shelter called a Vault, because the world above you went nuclear before you were born, and from what you hear it's still not exactly civilized "up there".

At this time the female story-arch is incomplete, so you must choose:

I'm a Man!

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