Falling Free

From Create Your Own Story

It is silent. A light, misty rain is falling over the park, giving the air a musky, damp scent. The trees around the park are shifting slowly in the frigid breeze, crusted with frost and ice. The grass around the trees had been violently tramped down, and a few splatters of blood were scattered among the dull green.

At the center of the small, round field stands a man cloaked completely in black. His long silver hair hung like wisps of moonlight around his shoulders, and his stare like empty emeralds up at the black, cloudless sky.

Suddenly, the emerald orbs shift and look straight at you, locking with your terrified gaze. He straightens, rising to his full height - which had to be at least 6 feet tall - and turning to face you. The full moon above illuminates his features sharply and giving him a malicious appearance. His eyes held no malice - actually, they held no emotion whatsoever. They were empty, like still pools of green settled in a sea of white and black.

His lips curl up slightly into what you assume is a smile, and he takes a sharp, raspy breath. Raising his right arm, which is covered with silky grey spiderwebs that shudder in the breeze, and extends only his pointer finger toward you - pointing directly at you. At that very moment, a single black cloud passes over the moon, throwing him into almost-complete black. Only those two cold green orbs stare out at you from a mask of black, glowing eerily in the darkness.

"I see you."

A sharp chill races down your spine, and you take a wary step back. His voice - those three words - sound like they were spoken by the Reaper himself; as if his words were condemning your soul right then and there to forever sleep in the darkness around him. Your breath comes in ragged gasps, and a cloud of mist floats away from your open mouth with each heave of your chest. You suddenly realize that the air around you has become frigid - the grass beneath your feet crunches with frost and ice.

But, for all the voices in your head screaming run, RUN, you feel slightly comforted by the darkness around you. The light is so hot and blinding, but the darkness...so cool and calm.

You know that this place will be your last time. You must make a choice here - a choice that will change everything you have ever known. Even as thoughts race through your terrified, confused mind, the man slowly advances toward you, bringing the smothering darkness with him.

This is your time. Choose now, or he will choose for you.

Make your choice.

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