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Faction Welcome to FACTIONS, where you'll play as a gay, 18 year old who has to decide a faction for himself. There are 5 Factions that you'll be able to choose from and will be able to go on detail in it later. Different factions have different class which will affect the plot. Hope you enjoy Note that the inspiration for this story is the Divergent series. DIVERGENT IS BAE <3

There are 5 factions from which you can choose from 1) Fearless - People in fearless are brave, courageous. They dare to do things and will not back down from a fight. They are usually thought of as wild, crazy and fierce. They go by "Act First, Think Second", which will cause them problem. Their basic class uses their fist, guns, daggers and swords to fight. The people in Fearless represent Bravery. They have 3 Advanced Classes:

- Mercenary/Sword Master : Mercenaries and Sword Master are two different classes, but both of them do almost the same thing in the story. They work for people and act as their bodyguards, earning money in the process. They usually work in group and would kill only if their employer request to. They favor using swords then other weapons.

- Assassins : Masters of the art of killing. These nimble and fast people accept money and in exchange, kill people for the employer. Unlike Mercenaries and Sword Masters who work together in a group, Assassins work alone and earn alone. They are considered quiet and sly. They favor using guns, bows and daggers then other weapons.

- Fighters : Barbarians who fight using only their fist. These fighters fight others for territory and space, like gangsters. These fighters fight in a whole gang, and would pit themselves with other gang to fight for dominance. They favor using their bare fist then using weapons.

2) Erudites - The Brains of the story. They are smart, and masters of magic. They use knowledge and magic side by side and are very knowledgeable and smart. They always think first and act second, which will cause them to be slow and lose their opportunity. People in Erudite are split into two, depending on whether they prefer usage of magic or prefer gaining knowledge. Their basic class use magic, guns, orbs to fight. They have 6 Advanced Classes:

People who prefer Magic, or "Wise Erudites":

- Sage : Masters of the usage on magic, they can use a wide variety of magical powers. They usually work alone, or with an apprentice and are able to cast buffs and supports while using magic to fight. They prefer to use Orbs then other weapons. They are considered wise, and many people go to sages when they have a problem.

- Card Magicians: Very limited Wise Erudites choose this class, due to it being hard to master, but still considered strong. Card Magicians use cards to summon out monsters, and use cards to attack as well. They can use the cards to change the scene, change future and can cast buffs. Most Card Magicians are supporters and most can use cards to do things like tarot reading. They favor using cards then other weapons.

- Alchemist : People who use the art of potions to damage people, they can cure and inflict poison, paralysis, coma, etc. They are not durable alone, but with a group the alchemist can buff the group's weapons and attacks. They prefer using a cauldron and potions to other weapons.

People who prefer Knowledge, or "Pure Erudites":

- Scientist : The more chosen choice, Scientist can summon robots to attack for them, and can also use guns. They are not durable alone, and are considered quite weak. They prefer to use robots and guns to other weapons.

- Strategist : The leaders of the group, the use ruins as a way to attack and protect themselves. They can cast buffs to their members, and is very smart. They aren't weak, if the ruins they are able to control are able to protect them. They prefer using ruins to other weapons.

- Engineers : Engineers are able to use guns and robots to their advantage, able to make a robot controllable with just a few tweaks in the wires. They have nimble fingers and is able to take out large amounts of people with their robots. They prefer using guns and robots than other weapons.

3) Amethist - The peace loving people, they are here to contribute back to the world and society. Considered the most pure, they pray to various gods and are able to use to power bestowed upon them to fight and heal. They usually dislike fighting but will do it if necessary. Their basic class prefers praying and staffs to other weapons They have three advanced classes:

- Bishop : Priest who reached enlightenment, Bishops are able to cast protection barriers and cast buffs to their members. Considered to be the weakest due to having almost no fighting power, they are especially good support units. Bishops pray to Hedias, the god of enlightenment (Fake god btw). They prefer using books and praying compared to other weapons.

- Summoners - Priest or Priestess who pray to Medisa, the goddess of monsters. They are able to summon out monsters to fight for them using keys. Some summoners aim to get the black-white key, said to be the most powerful summons. They prefer the use of keys compared to other weapons.

- Healers - Priest whos praying is able to cure people of sickness and give them good health. They are weak, with almost no fighting skill but is able to cure allies to protect them. They prefer the use of staffs than other weapons.

  • Note that certain characters you meet will have special classes, specifically to them.

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