From Create Your Own Story

Coughing and spluttering, you claw your way out of the ocean and onto the sandy beach. You don't know where you are or how you got here; all you know is that you need air. You flop down on your back, gulping air like a fish as you try to assess the situation. The last thing you remember was sailing from Auren to Spira as a stowaway on a merchant transport ship. Why were you stowing away? What is your name? What happened to the ship? You can't remember.

The sand burns your back, forcing you to sit up. Examining your surroundings, you can see the ocean in front of you and a sandy beach that seems to stretch forever to either side of you. Turning, you see a line of jungle-like forest behind you. Far in the distance, light reflects off a snow-capped mountain range. Are you on an island or a continent? You can't tell. Are there people here that can help you? They likely live in the jungle. However, you could also explore the beach and see if anyone else from the ship washed ashore with you.


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