Exodus from Earth/2433

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At first, it seemed as though we were untouchable, the barrier was stopping any of the Amorite's ships from getting close, and withstood all the firepower that the enemy could provide. Yet the GREAT ENEMY was cunning, not long after the barrier had stopped their invasion in its path the Amorites began to broadcast a message to everyone in the world. At first they simply promised to spare everyone on the planet if they surrendered and lowered the shield, yet as the years began to drag on, the offer became increasingly extravagant. Wealth, power and position could belong to any who joined with them, turned their back on their own species, and took down the shield. Almost overnight, traitor cells appeared all over the globe, sewing sabotage and destruction in their wake.

The government's of the worlds struggled to combat the rampant chaos produced by their own people and as such, the World Alliance became the UNDC, a reformed system that focused on stopping the power of the Amorites on Earth. Planer - wide curfews came into place, along with random searches in the streets and in people's homes. The sudden jump into martial law managed to  stop the traitors for a time, soon, as the years went by more people were either becoming one of the Levant or were sympathetic to them,  many seeing the UNDC as a dictatorial enabling mess of bureaucrats who were as incompetent as they were corrupt.

Eventually, it became obvious that the planet was in almost complete anarchy, as well as even worse news; the Levant had discovered the location of the shield generator. Rushing to its defense, as insurgents assaulted the complex both inside and out, the UNDC troops fought both the insurgents, as well as groups of aliens who had been brought through in small portals. The governments of the world realised too late that they should have prepared sooner, nethertheless they started production worldwide, creating as many starships as they could, while confiscating those that were in private possession.

Eventually it became clear that they were past the point of no return and they would not be able to save everybody. Only 1.7 billion people of the 19 billion worldwide would be able to fit in the ships that the UNDC had, with the rest being left behind...

The plan was 'simple', load up as many as you could into the ships, hold the shield generator for as long as was possible, and them make a run for it in any direction hoping that the Amorites would not target your ship. When the barrier fell, the ships all set off in different directions, yet staying close to their assigned groups. The Amorites were waiting for them, but the disparate positioning meant that only a few ships would be hit each time, with a suprisingly high amount of ships breaking through the line and jumping to hyperspace.

The Babylon Armada was a group of ships that jumped to the Sylus Expanse, yet in its rush to get away from Earth, ignored many safety protocols including void shielding. This resulted in about a quarter of the battlegroup's ships being lost to the perils of warpspace. This left only 9 ships remaining when it returned to realspace and faced the open galaxy.

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