Escape from Echo Base

From Create Your Own Story

The additional vibrations send a wave of pleasure crashing down upon Leia, as the heartless machine is forced even further inside her. This results inĀ  continuous spikes of lust to pierce through her mind, along with causing the droid to overload it's circuit's, shouting down with a low beep. Confused and unsatisfied, Leia slowly comes to her senses and hears the faint sounds of blaster fire and screams. Suddenly, the door slides open, with a bleeding rebel stumbling into the room, his uniform scorched and torn. Falling to his knees, he coughs blood, before looking up and locking eyes with his General, naked and straddled on top of a sex-bot. These are the last things he sees, as he collapses to the ground; dead, with his pistol dropping to the floor next to him.
The sound of running appears faintly in the distance, with them getting louder every second.
Desperately looking around, the only obvious entrance is through the door in which the rebel came through, however there is also some ventilation ducts in the wall, and while it would not help Leia's escape, there are a few crates in the back, which could be used as a hiding space...

Health 100 Equipment:


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