Episode 1

From Create Your Own Story

You take the role of Skye. Known for her super strength and her ability to sore through the air, she has the traits that most modern heroes are known for. Her silk blonde hair falls to the slender curve of her lower back. She is known for her beauty and for a body that any woman would die for. Covering this immaculate body is a dark blue skin tight one piece that wraps around her tight ass. Her long legs are sealed in a pair of knee high boots that matches the tops color.

Skye has pledged her life to protecting the city that she calls home, Atlantis, and it is on this day that she is called into action once more. The evil magician, Malphisto, has opened a portal to the demonic realm. All sorts of foul beings from hell pour into the streets terrorizing the great city. Skye takes flight, hoping to arrive to the scene before these creatures can cause any damage.

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