Enter (SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

The door opens and standing in front of you is a 6 foot tall musclebound black man who greets Leroy with a brotherly hug, he turns his attention to you mid hug, "Well what do we have here Roy?" he asks, "Tyrone,this is Lara, the hottest sissy I've had with the hottest mouth and tightest ass I've ever had", Tyrone grasps your hand and kisses it "well baby, if what he says is true you a more than welcome in my house anytime", he leads you into the living room where the smell of potent weed stings your nostrils and through the smoke cloud you see two more black behemoths sitting on the sofa, "Miss Lara, this is CJ and Curtis, Boys meet tonight's entertainment, Miss Lara" says Tyrone. The other two stand up and head towards you, CJ says as he observes you "You do nicely baby" he then plants a soft kiss on your lips and as he pulls away and sits a joint in your mouth and whispers "Suck". You take a deep inhalation of the fragrant weed and blow back in the most seductive way into CJ's face. What do you say?

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