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Hello readers and users, I am dwarftopia and I am the creator of this story. I just felt like I had to specify some things about the story (mainly about character names).

1-The locations available to visit in Singapore are real and the information included about them is purely real. You can go check on Google!

2-Some of the names, like Jessica for example, are taken from other stories I read and I decided to include them simply because I like them, so no "copyright" is intended!

3-If you have done the story with both characters, you will notice a couple of Italian names. I decided to include them to give a homage to my home nation, the beautiful Italy.

4-If you have chosen Thomas, you might have noticed that one of the choices for the room mate is a girl named Marzia. You people wo know Pewdiepie might also know that his girlfriend's name is Marzia. I am aware of that and decided to use her name for the simple reason that I like it. If Pewds sees this, I hope he shows her!

P.S.: she does have her own Youtube channel.

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