EW: On a tour of the Harry Potter studios

From Create Your Own Story

As a Harry Potter fan you finally get the chance to tour the Harry Potter studios. You are so excited but it's about to get better. You walk through the main doors into the lobby where you are greeted and shown the door to the briefing room.

You enter it and sit down ready for the tour to begin. Most of this stuff you already know, why are they explaining the obvious? Suddenly your ears perk up as an announcement comes:

“Introducing just for today, our special guest, Miss Emma Watson!”

You sit up more engaged now as Miss Hermione Granger herself walks onto stage. She looks gorgeous, just like in your dreams where she bounces on your dick. She's wearing a short, strapless black dress which pushes her small but firm boobs. She's also wearing a pair of black low block heel pumps. Her hair is done in your favourite way; it's like how she mostly had it in "Beauty and the Beast".

The tour has just become the greatest ever. You can't wait to get closer to Emma, perv over her in person, maybe even touch her, and, if you're lucky, separate her from that dress. You're dying for a fag though but you don't want to miss Emma.

Do you:

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