Dry off and get ready for today's tests.

From Create Your Own Story

You decide it's best not to keep Michelle waiting, she is very impatient after all, not to mention that she promised you a surprise today. You love surprises, especially Michelle's. Taking A towel off the rack, you dry off, careful to avoid the mouth, as it always freaks you out when you touch it.

You laid your clothes out on the floor of the bathroom before you took your shower, and quickly get dressed. A short t-shirt, exposing your midriff and lower mouth, and a pair of jeans. You never wear anything that covers the mouth, as the feeling of cotton against it always makes you moist between the legs. It forces you to leave your pants unbuttoned, but you don't mind. Besides, the doctors want it out in the open in case anything unusual happens suddenly.

As you exit the bathroom, you take a look up at the camera positioned in the corner of your room, and wave. After a short beep, the door leading out into the lab area opens and you walk out.

Corruption = -2%

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