Drown Him?

From Create Your Own Story

You can't help yourself as you grab the back of his head and force him further down. Moans escape you as you thrust into his tight throat without a care for his safety. He gags and squirms beneath you as you facefuck him relentlessly, pounding into his face as hard as you can.

You speed up your fucking as you feel yourself getting closer to the edge. You groan in ecstacy as he tries to breathe around your cock and ends up pulling you in deeper. You force him down until his nose is in your pubes and you balls are smashed against his chin. He begins to whimper and moan as you cut off his air supply. Drool runs down his chin and onto your sack as you force him to stay there until you cum.

Cum shoots out of your cock as your entire body tenses. Your brother tries to pull away as your jizz is forced down his throat, but he can barely squirm after the rough face fucking he just got. He is forced to swallow until he passes out, and you're still cumming.

When you finally finish, you let go off his head and let him fall to the ground before getting cleaned up and heading outside to wait for your bus. He's gone, but you barely even notice as you wait for your college bus. Your dad will probably take care of the body anyway.

The Bus Ride

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