Drags you inside(SLBC)

From Create Your Own Story

He grabs you by the arm and drags you in to his house before closing the door and switching the light on, after looking you up and down he finally speaks.

"So you are who you say you are, so what kind of mischief are you up to?"

"No kind of mischief, sir, I didn't want to go to a party dressed like this and was just waiting for my mom to go out before heading home."


"I'm a boy dressed as red riding hood, everyone will make fun of me."

"You do realize there are a lot worse things that could happen to you than being made fun off."

"I don't think so sir."

He turns away from you and you watch him as he locks the door, he then turns around and you see his robe is open and his black cock is semi erect.

"Mr Jackson what are you doing?" You ask him as he removes his robe fully.

"You're supposed to say "My what a big cock you have!" so say it."

Do you?

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