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This story is a bundle of stereotypes - don't expect a fresh view on the genre. You are on a vacation with members of your family, which alone should be enough to let you know what the main focus will be. You'll be able to avoid this kind of behavior - it might become a bit boring, though. There is only limited continuity in branching. A character's mood, clothing or intent can vary even from the two choices on the same page. You might get additional information about the characters by following other branches, or even playing with another main character, though.

The characters might indulge in other somehow deviant activities. It's just a game - if you are open-minded, play along. If you are not, better retry when you reach a point you deem inappropriate. Continue at your own risk.

Please do not change or add pages (unless you correct my orthography, which you are welcome to do). Thank you. - Minnie May Hopkins

Finally, your first day of your vacation has arrived. The whole family is going on vacation, and like any activity with your relatives, it can turn out to be the best or the worst of times. But, no matter, anything is better than staying at home.

You close your luggage and look into the mirror to straighten your hair. Staring back at you is:

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