Down The Rabbit Hole

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So it's a boring Friday night, and you're sitting at your computer. All day you've been illegally downloading music and looking at porn, when you come across something completely new. It's a PDF file of a book called The Principia Discordia.

You read through the whole thing, and think to yourself, "Gee, I think I want to become a Discordian." Having thought this thought, you consult the MegaBarf Listing of Erisian Things to Do and do one or more or maybe even all of them.

The MegaBarf Listing of Erisian Things To Do
1 Declaire yourself a Pope 2 Try to summon Eris � Go get a hotdog
4 Print out the contents of the book and eat them 5 Start posting Fnords on message boards 6 Edit the Wikipedia entry on Discordianism
7 Give up 8 Edit this page 9� Do something completely random!
10 Invest in a printing press 11 Arm yourself with jellybeans 23 Fnord
13 Add fake, unclickable links on wiki pages 14 This space for rent 15 Seek the 23 Apples of Eris
16 Roll dice 17 Explore the Starseed Trance-Mission 18 Sing a hymn to Discordianism
19 Bless a cockroach 20 Mu 21
Health 23 Equipment:


MP 23
Level 23
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