Donut Factory

From Create Your Own Story

You wake up with a headache. Blurry images of last night flash in your head. All you remember is going out to drink with your bro's, going to the beach with some girls, drinking more beer, going home, and a donut. A giant donut- with chocolate sprinkles. You try standing up, and find yourself in an empty kiddy pool in your backyard. Trash is strewn across your yard. You groggily walk into your house. Dozens of empty beer bottles sit on your dining table, countertops, tv trays, stair railings, and floor. The hair on the back of your neck stands as you accidently step in pile of mustard on your linoleum floor. You spot a red note on your counter next to a partially eaten donut...? Donut? Wait, what? Why is there a donut on your counter. You don't even like donuts... wierd. You should deffinately find out what happened last night.

What do you do?

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