Donna questioned, Can I skull fuck her

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Jessica stood looking around as her class mates were decided what to with her and what sounded like her fate.

Donna standing with a 13" dildo strapped on questioned, can I skull fuck the bitch with thing? And with saying that Donna had a fist full of Jessica's hair and her knee pushing hard on her pussy causing her to bend over uncontrollably,

Mrs Beth liked this idea and was unfastening the handcuffs from Jessica's wrists, Jessica was limp from the multiple orgasms her body had gone through, Donna ushered Jessica across the class room and sat her down on a chair facing the front of the room, Kelly very interested in this plan walked up behind Jessica to hold her in place as Donna produced a ring for Jessica's mouth to hold it open.

Open wide bitch Donna requested and tried to force the ring into Jessica's mouth but Jessica refused to open her mouth enough to allow Donna a safe passing.

I'll add more to this. sorry for the inconvenience

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