Doctor Who: Cracked Reality/Begin the adventure!

From Create Your Own Story

Back in your living, symbiotic ship, the TARDIS, you sigh at the main control panel. Suddenly you realise exactly how alone you are once more and grit your teeth. After centuries of travelling, you should realise by now that you can't keep friends forever. When you were first exiled to Earth from your home planet, Gallifrey, you accidentally took a pair of humans as companions. After that, it was rare for you not to have someone else with you, sharing your adventures. Not now, though.

Staring at the buttons and levers in front of you, you decide that it's pointless to sit and brood over something that you can't change. Like always, you prefer to keep travelling, keep having adventures and forget about your past for a while.

At the same time, though, there's a little part of you that misses your most recent friends terribly. Although the one that means the most to you is gone forever in a parallel world - Rose Tyler - it would be nice to catch up with your allies in Torchwood, namely Captain Jack Harkness, Mickey Smith and Martha Jones.

So, which is it?

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