DisneyLand Paris

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It is 10:00 am and you are in front of the main entrance of DisneyLand. With your four friends you are following the large queue of visitor, your pass in your hand.

Wich friend are you :

Monica : 16 years old, brunette, C cup, 5,41 feet (1m65), 120 pounds, girlfriend of Franck. She is wearing a white summer dress kneelength button in front, with bra and panty, cap and sunglasses, and sandal.

Franck : 17 years old, blondhair, 5,57 feet (1m70), 127 pounds, boyfriend of Monica. He is wearing light green trousers with yellow T-shirt and tennis shoes, underpants and socks.

Estelle : 17 years old, redhair, B cup, 5,64 feet (1m72), 110 pound girlfriend of Pierre. She is wearing a brown mid-thigh skirt and cream blouse, with panty and bra, cap, and high heels.

Pierre : 17 years old, brownhair, 5,74 feet (1m75), 143 pounds, boyfriend of Estelle. He is wearing blue bermuda with hawai shirt, sandal and underpants.

Marion : 14 years old, blondhair, A cup, 5,08 feet (1m55), 100 pound, sister of Estelle. She is wearing denim shorts and white T-shirt, with panty but no bra, cap, tennis shoes and micro socks.

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