Dirty Me/You are tired of it all

From Create Your Own Story

You have thought about it before, but, with the pain you are in, physical, emotional, all you know is you don't care anymore. You want it to end.

You stumble upstairs, to the bathroom. Rummaging around in the medicine cabinet, you grab the aspirin, taking three or four. You don't really pay much attention.

Running a hot bath, you get a razor from your dads extra blades. You settle in, slowly, wincing as the water hits where your skin has been bruised, battered.

You settle in, then pick up the blade.

A quick swipe, across one wrist, and the sharp pain makes you want to throw up.

Gathering your courage, you take it to the other wrist. Another sharp pain, another round of nausea.

Your stomach hurts. Your face hurts. Your vagina hurts. Your wrists hurts.

After a few minutes, you start feeling sleepy, cold. The lights seem to flicker, darkness enclosing you.

Finally, you feel yourself fall asleep, and your last thought is that at least you won't need to face the other students again, and won't have to see the bully after what he did to you. He won't get the satisfaction.

The End

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