Dirty Me/Sit on the balcony rail

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You push his head back, moving him away from you.

"Help me," you say, motioning to the balcony rail. You lever your arms up, behind you, holding on to the railing.

"But...that's dangerous," he states, voice pitched slightly higher in alarm.

"I trust you, and you will keep me safe," you tell him, not thinking of it before, but now that it has been brought to your attention, the thought of danger also arouses you more.

Finally, you are balanced on the railing around the balcony, and turning your head, you can see the city laid out below you and around you. The people below look small, like little ants, moving around 12 floors below.

As you grip the rail, one of his arms move around you to make sure you don't fall, while the other starts to pull down his zipper, fish around in his pants, until his penis is free, and pointing at you.

Rock hard, it seems like he is just as excited as you, making love outside, in plain view of others, even if they are ants below, doing ant things underneath a dark, moonlit sky.

He works his penis inside you, running the tip along your entrance, getting it wet with your natural lubricant.

"Yes," you pant to him. "More."

He pushes in, a little, more, deeper still, trying to penetrate you completely.

He sinks into you completely, your pussy devouring his penis, hungry to be filled. "Oh...more...please," you cry out, one word at a time, as he starts thrusting. From this angle, his penis rubs the bottom of your pussy, the tip pushing against the top of your vaginal tube, hitting your g-spot.

"Oh god, it feels so good," you cry out, spurring him on.

Removing your hands, you feel your balance on the rail shift a bit, but his arm is there, holding you firmly. You wrap your arms around him, pulling him closer to you, against you, wanting him deeper inside. "More!" you cry out, wanting him to speed up, to go faster, to go deeper.

His hips move back and forth faster as he takes longer strokes, pulling almost out, then pushing into you forcefully. "Oh god yes!" You scream into his ear, feeling yourself coming close, the pressure building up as your body cries out for release.

He speeds up more, penis not pulling out as far, but instead using shorter, faster strokes.

Thrust in, "Oh yes!".

Pull out, "Please more."

Thrust in, "Faster!".

Pull out, "Deeper!".

He moves faster, pounding as hard as he can, as you look around, watching all the lights, imagining people watching you two, on the balcony, making love. Their eyes, seeing your most intimate act.

You feel yourself tighten up, and a moment later, you feel waves of bliss pass through you. Brought to the edge by your climax, you feel him spurt deep within you, feel his cum filling you.

You feel your balance shift again, as both of you shudder in climax, and his arm loosen up. You feel your ass slide across the cold, metal railing.

You feel your back out, in the open air, and the world turn upside down as you slip. For a moment, it seems like you are weightless, then your mind comprehends that you are falling through the air. Your mouth opens, a scream ripping out, as you watch the balcony dwindle away, your lover's arms out, as if trying to catch you, to hold you, even though at the moment of climax, both your and his arms failed to hold each other. You feel terror as you realize the ground is rushing up, somewhere behind you. Pain floods your back as you hit the hard concrete, 12 stories below you. Pain grasps you in those short, final moments, as your body breaks from the impact. The pain doesn't last long, before everything goes black.

The End

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