Dirty Me/Lay down on the balcony

From Create Your Own Story

Looking behind you at the ground far below, a sense of vertigo overwhelms you and you feel yourself getting slightly dizzy.

You decide instead to sit down on the hard tiles of the balcony.

Pushing him back, you sink down the glass wall of the balcony, the glass running from the floor to the rail itself, pressing your naked back against it.

As your ass settles on the ground, you realize how cold the tile is, wondering if you should go inside instead. Imagining people dotting the surrounding windows, lit up in the night, watching you, excites you enough to steel yourself to the cold and stay sitting, hoping your body heat will help warm up the tiles firmly pressed against your ass.

Your lover eases himself down, laying on his stomach, peering between your legs. You playfully close your legs. You shriek in feigned fright as he grasps your ankle, pulling your leg toward him, kisses running along your calf. You press your foot against his head as he showers kisses up and down your calf, running your toes through his thick, black spotted with grey, hair.

He catches your other foot, bringing it to his lips.

"Eww, stop. My feet are all dirty," you protest. He ignores you, kissing your feet, and inserts a toe into his mouth. You can't help but giggle as he loves on your foot, tickling.

He sucks on each toe, one at a time, and kisses the inner and outer arch. You start laughing harder, unable to contain it. He kisses your feet mercilessly, tickling you constantly, causing you to thrash around in his grip. His hand holds your ankle, like iron, not allowing you to pull your foot away. Your thrashing increases as you start to feel like you are about to pee, laughing uncontrollably. Your other foot, thrashing uncontrollably, catches him in the lower ribs, causing him to release you, gasping for breath.

You jump up, worry etched on your face.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..." He cuts you off with a hand held up as he slowly catches his breath.

He moved back up to your calf, kissing one, then the other, as you hold your knees together. He can still see your pussy lips, pressed together between your legs, but cannot see inside of them.

Feeling bad for kicking him, you spread your legs, letting him see your complete pussy, spread before him. Instead of going for it, he continues kissing your calf, first one, then the other, while lightly massaging them with his hands.

You shift your hand down, putting your fingers against the lips, the slit between your middle and ring finger, then spread your fingers apart, opening your pussy to him. His eyes watch, hungry, but he doesn't move towards it, instead continuing to kiss your calves. You do notice him moving higher though, closer to your spread pussy, soon kissing your knees.

You shift your fingers again, letting go of your pussy lips, then spreading them with your pointer finger and ring finger, freeing up your middle finger.

You run your middle finger up the opening, tracing out the curves, until reaching the top. His kisses become erratic as he stares, entranced, at your middle finger, working the clit, then pushing inside your spread pussy. Tilting your head back, you moan, enjoying his eyes on you as you continue working your finger along your clit then inside.

Soon, your finger, working hard, but unable to bring you to climax, stops, as you let go of the lips and bring three fingers to the top, middle finger pressed between pointer and ring, and start working your clit as he resumes kissing, now up to your inner thighs.

Working your clit, you tug on your nipple with your free hand, feeling his breath pick up between your thighs. Your legs squeeze together and pull apart, squeezing his head, then releasing it, as you work it faster. Your breath comes in heavy pulls as you get closer to climax. Removing your hand from your nipple, you grab his head, trying to bury his face between your legs. He resists, and your hand entangles in his hair, trying to pull him against you by his hair. He again resists, although his face looks pained by the hair pulling. Finally, you push yourself far enough, and feel yourself climax, as your back arches against the cool, glass balcony. Your legs come together, squeezing his head between them, as the rapturous feelings wash over you.

Finally, recovering yourself, you lead him back into the hotel room, and the bedroom, where all the toys are still laying around. A little annoyed by him resisting you, and not using his mouth to bring you to climax, you look at the handcuffs, wondering if you should tease him back.

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