Dirty Me/Call your mom

From Create Your Own Story

You pick up the phone and call your mom, shaky hands making it difficult for you to dial the number.

"Mom," you say, voice shaking slightly, on the verge of tears. "Something terrible has happened."

You tell your mom about what happened.

She tries to comfort you over the phone, and tells you she will be right home. "I am leaving now."

Once she gets home, she calls the police.

The police show up, taking your statement and giving you and your mom some information, numbers to call, places to find people to talk to.

Ultimately, nothing happens. No charges brought, no justice given to your rapist.

"They are minors," is the excuse given to you and your family. The police drop the investigation after a month, and you never hear about it again.

You drop out of school, unable to face the bully. You stop reacting to everything, and find your life passing you by in numbness.

A year passes, two. You find yourself using again. Partying. No longer caring. You were right: you are evil and dirty and worthless, and do not deserve happiness. Your mom tries to help you. She sends you to a clinic, to rehab. You dad tries imprisoning you in your own house. You even end up in jail a couple times. Prostitution, drug use, public indecency. You can see the despair in your parent's eyes, and their worry for their little girl. You stop taking care of yourself, and stop feeling anything.

After being raped two more times, after ending up in the hospital from being beaten or overdosing multiple times, your body is eventually found.

'Drug overdose' is listed as the cause of death.

The End

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