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So this story will likely work very differently and will need a lot of preparation and background. I am this world's god of the dead known as Tarcercer Coremark.

Backstory (As told by elves): To begin, there was Norel. Norel, being lonely, started creating creatures to inhabit herself, however as many as she created, she got lonelier.To combat the loneliness Norel created a race of creatures which could communicate with her; she created an elf. She continued to make more of these creatures and loved communicating with those she created, however after a short time she started becoming weary from creating them and mistakenly made a creature which we call Ghorne.

Ghorne, being spiteful of Norel’s power to create, worked to learn how to do the same. He, in a sense,succeeded but could only create lesser beings and he created Orcs, Dwarves, Imps, Ogres, and lastly, Humans. The strongest of the races he created, the Dwarves, he brought up against the elves out of anger towards Norel for ignoring him. He almost destroyed the elves until Norel gave them the tools to defend themselves.

Magic, created by Norel for the elves to protect themselves, was appropriately named Norelma. However, as good evolves, so too does bad, and so, being such, Ghorne created his own power which uses negative aura and a sacrifice which we call Ghornema. Ghorne then taught that power to the Imps and Dwarves and tried to teach it to the Humans, but they were mostly unwilling to accept it.

A long time passed and the war raged on, but would not end because whenever a creature died they came back after sixty four hours. After decades of this, the world began to become overcrowded which lead Norel to use the last of her power to create a creature named Saphengi. Saphengi is a fifty armed creature stationed at the gates of Saphenrel, or the underworld, in order to keep the dead from coming back through them.

Many more years had gone by, and the war had all but stopped. This led to a time of peace and prosperity which was enjoyed by all races. But peace cannot last forever. The elves, who before had been communicating with Norel, slowly forgot about her over the generations and stopped communicating with her. This made Norel sad and depressed with loneliness and she began to weep. She wept without pause until there began a great flood which devastated all the races. One race of creatures, Human, was very adaptable and some of them adapted to the flooding and changed to a new race which we call Nymphs.

Ghorne learned of the flooding and worked quickly to create a creature of which could battle the flood waters by breathing waves of pure heat anywhere there was water. These creatures he named Draconics, and these creatures saved the world and the last of its inhabitants from the flooding. Ghorne then spoke with the elves to remind them of their creation and they communicated with Norel once again. He then, spoke with Norel in order to reason with her and got her to stop the flooding. Ghorne was then placed in the sky as the stars in order to remind Norel not to flood the world again, and to remind the elves to continue to communicate with Norel.

Many of those are unknown as fact, however from what I gather The Draconics were made by Ghorne, the Water Nymphs were addapted by humans, and the elves not speaking to Norel is what caused the great flood. Also there is Norelma and Ghornema, but it is unknown which race came first and if Norel is still alive.

I have come to you because you were believed to have died because your body was destroyed, however something is saying within our scrolls that you are still alive, only problem is that you don't have a body. So I will have to make a body for you. So, first and foremost, which race do you want to be?

(These are the only races Please don't add more)

I will be a Dwarf

As a Dwarf you are strong and proficient in Ghornema

I will be a Elf

As an Elf you are agile and proficient in Archery and Norelma

I will be a Human

As a Human you are more addaptable and be proficient in survival abilities, but will have weaker skin

I will be a Draconic

As a Draconic you will have Tougher skin and will be able to breathe a wave of heat, but will be slower

I will be a Orc

As an Orc you will be agile and proficient in Light Melee Fighting and Ghornema

I will be a Ogre

As an Ogre you will be much Stronger and Tougher, but will be slower

I will be a Water Nymph

As a Water Nymph you will be able to breathe indefinately in water, but will have weaker skin

HP 0/0 Bag: 0/0 Free space

Equipped: 0/0 Kg

NP 0/0
GP 0/0
Reputation 0
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