Destruction of the First Daughter

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You are Eleanor Rossi, known as Ella to your friends. You're a pretty young woman, aged 19, with shoulder-length curly ginger hair, pale blue doe-like eyes, a pair of thick, pink lips which hide a perfect, straight smile. You stand around 5'3 inches tall, and while you modestly describe your body as being "average", anyone with a working pair of eyes can see that you're quite the treat. Your body is feminine while also curvaceous, from your long, slender neck, through to your thin waist and wide hips, down to your thick thighs and petite feet. You carry a little more weight on your body than what the "industry standard" woman is supposed to, sure, but it just makes you all the more beautiful. Your chest bears two almost perfectly formed breasts, just about D-cup in size.

You are fairly intelligent, having come out near the top or on-top of all of your classes. Now in college, you are well on your way to continuing that trend. Not only that, but you are fairly popular both in your local area, and your various blogs and social media accounts have many fans and followers.

But, most importantly, you are the daughter of Thomas Rossi, otherwise known as President Thomas Rossi of the UFS.

Your father is the leader of a very rich and powerful country known as the United Free States, or the UFS. Now in his second term, his reign has been very controversial. His aggressive foreign policy has led to your nation's troops being deployed all over the world in many conflicts, and he has been known to issue harsh economic sanctions on any nations that tries to stand in his way - even former friends and allies. While he has many admirers within the UFS, many people outside the country hold him in contempt.

One such group of people calls themselves the International Brotherhood against Injustice and Suffering, or IBIS. Initially, they started off as a religious charity, striving to help innocent people affected by your father's government. But when your government declared them terrorists and enemies for "working against the UFS army", they took it upon themselves to act like terrorists, and as your father's transgressions have become more common across the world, people from all countries have flocked to their ranks seeking justice.

Despite several UFS embassies and workers coming under attack all over the world, your father insists that IBIS is not a threat within the borders of the UFS, and will be dealt with soon. You, like most of your country, chose to believe him.

You were wrong.

Welcome to Destruction of the First Daughter!

I'll be frank with you. This is going to be a smutty adventure. More than that, it is going to be a sad, violent adventure. Dear, beautiful Ella here is going to come across some members of IBIS, and she is not going to have a good time. These people have suffered under the boot of the UFS for years, and represent millions of people who want revenge. They will take this revenge out on poor Ella. She will be tortured. She will be humiliated. She will almost certainly die.

CONSIDER THIS YOUR ONLY WARNING This adventure will contain the following: Rape, torture, extreme humiliation, blood, violence, gore, death, and may possibly contain things like watersports, scat, beastiality and anything else I see fit to include. There are no limits to what Ella will endure. Feel free to edit, but I expect there to be a high quality of writing. I will edit and delete anything and everything I don't like with impunity.

If for any reason you believe that you cannot handle anything i've just said in the paragraph above, please, go and read something else. If you're ready to proceed, then lets get started.

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